Ben Strickland

International Business Development | National Security Strategy | Joint Military Operations, Defense & Space

Ben Strickland is a recognized team leader and project manager for high tempo operations facilitating national security and commerce.

Ben Strickland's Bio:

Ben Strickland is a native of Issaquah, Washington. He is a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy and holds a n inactive (placed in continuity) merchant marine credential. Ben Strickland attended the U.S. Naval War College graduating with a Masters of Arts degree in National Security and Strategic Studies. He is also a graduate of the Maritime Advanced Warfighting School (MAWS) and is a qualified Joint Operations Planner. Ben Strickland served for over 20 years active duty where he was assigned in a variety of executive leadership positions in mission planning and execution, force training/readiness, homeland security, marine safety, new ship construction, and national defense policy. He has supervised complex independent and multi-unit ship operations from Australia to Alaska’s North Slope, patrolled the waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Bering Sea, and the Persian Gulf. An expert in shipboard capabilities and operations, Ben Strickland served onboard six Navy and Coast Guard ships, including where he was privileged to hold Command Afloat in one of the world’s most demanding and arduous areas of operation. Upon retirement from active duty, Ben Strickland accepted a civil service position with the U.S. Maritime Administration as a National Security Specialist where he provided strategic-level advice and guidance concerning contingency planning for the utilization of merchant shipping and port infrastructure in support of U.S. and NATO military operations as well as overseeing response and recovery planning for maritime involvement in continuity of government operations. Ben Strickland later joined Lockheed Martin where he serves an International Business Development Principal, responsible for the identification, qualification, pursuit, and capture of new business opportunities and customer domains in the tactical and strike missile and precision guided systems market segments. He performs portfolio analysis, conducts customer engagement, and develops business cases that qualify opportunities which aid in the development of long-range business strategies in support of the corporation's goal to be the premier provider of naval combat systems and operational readiness support programs for our nation and allied partners.

Ben Strickland's Experience:

  • International Business Development Principal at Lockheed Martin

    Responsible for the identification, qualification, pursuit and capture of new business opportunities and customer domains; perform portfolio analysis and develop business cases that identify and qualify markets and opportunities which aid in the development of long-range business strategies for the Aegis combat system, integrated air missile defense, anti-submarine warfare weapons systems, and offensive tactical and strike missiles lines of business. Develop and nurture customer relationships with naval warfare capabilities requirements generators and related operational commanders at U.S. Navy fleet concentration areas and FMS countries. Monitor industry activities and analysis of likely strategies. Oversee development and execution of customer contact plans. Identify business opportunities to collaborate with small businesses consistent with company goals.

  • National Security Specialist at U.S. Maritime Administration

    Provide strategic-level guidance/advice concerning contingency planning for the utilization of merchant shipping and port infrastructure to support U.S. and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) military operations/deployments. Oversee planning for U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) involvement in continuity of government operations during national emergencies and training exercises associated with contingency plans. Serve as MARAD strategic ports program Action Officer, coordinating interagency planning for and implementation of strategies to enhance the security of maritime critical infrastructure and for response and recovery. Executive Secretary for National Ports Readiness Network (NPRN) Steering Group.

  • Surface Operations Specialist and Marine Safety Professional at U.S. Coast Guard

    Multiple mid-level and senior leadership assignments both afloat and ashore, including: Vessel Inspection/Marine Safety Compliance, Weapons/Combat Systems Officer, Training Specialist, Physical Security Director, Operations Manager, Strategic Planner, Executive Officer/COO and Commanding Officer/CEO. At sea, responsible for safe and effective operations as well as rigorous maintenance requirements, upkeep and supply of the ship with direct control of $1.2 Million annual budgets. Ashore, served as staff officer in demanding billets for operational readiness, training, national defense policy, contingency plans and homeland security programs. Coordinated Global Force Management requests for deployment of USCG resources to Overseas Contingency Operations and in support of Geographic Combatant Commander Theater Campaign Plans (TCP) and Presidential Guidance for Employment of the Force (GEF). Project lead for joint service resource allocation gaming, exercises, strategic concepts and plans with DOD. Resourced service-chief level management and oversight proposals, staff talks and inter-service support agreements with other military services. Managed defense-related input for homeland security/defense, military readiness and naval warfare capabilities into Coast Guard acquisition programs. Enabled organizational learning and process improvement through knowledge management strategies and information solution practices to meet strategic-level national security objectives.

  • Surface Warfare Officer at U.S. Navy

    Deckplate leader and Division Officer of diverse 32 men/woman Deck Division, the ship's largest. Responsible for practical implementation of Commanding Officer's Command Philosophy, unit vision/objectives and completion of intense work-up cycle to operational deployment in less one year. Led division through Pre-Commissioning and Shakedown, Interfleet transfer, Combat Systems Qualification Test and Trials (CSQTT), Tailored Ships Training Availability (TSTA), Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) Full-Scope Final Contract Trials (FCT), Final Evaluation Period (FEP), Post Shakedown Availability (PSA) and debut to fleet operations during RIMPAC and completion of intense SWO qualification path. Principal advisor to ship's Commanding Officer for all small boat operations, topside maintenance, corrosion control, Deck Seamanship, Underway Replenishment/Re-Arming and Flight Deck/Aviation evolutions. Personally led Flight Deck qualification, Aviation Readiness Evaluation and Surface Rescue Swimmer certification - all with no major discrepancies.

Ben Strickland's Education:

  • U.S. Naval War College

    Concentration: National Security and Strategic Studies
    Activities: Maritime Advanced Warfighting School (qualified Joint Operational Planner)
  • Maine Maritime Academy

    Concentration: Nautical Science
    Activities: Naval ROTC, Alpha Phi Omega.

Ben Strickland's Interests & Activities:

Ben Strickland's serves on the Maine Maritime Academy Alumni Association Board of Directors and enjoys Reading, Politics, History, and Travel. When he is not attempting to play golf, he often can be found pontificating about the Maritime Industry, Foreign Affairs, and National Security Strategy.